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Exclusive: A chat with Rob “Nu Spirit” Evans

In the pulsating heart of the electronic music scene, there are artists who not only create music but also weave stories through their melodies and beats. One such artist, who has been enchanting the trance music community with his emotional and passionate tracks, is Nu Spirit. His journey, which began in the lively atmosphere of Escape Swansea back in 1999, has evolved into a love affair with DJing and producing uplifting trance music.

"Make music you love, dont compare yourself to others. Set long and short team goals, achieving short term goals keeps you motivated for the long game."
- Nu Spirit

The Genesis of a Trance Lover

Nu Spirit, or Rob Evans in the everyday world, first fell in love with trance music while absorbing the electrifying vibes at Escape Swansea in 1999. It was there that the beats and rhythms of trance music captivated his soul, leading him to explore the world of DJing. Influenced by iconic artists like Paul van Dyk and Big Al, Nu Spirit found himself particularly drawn to the works of Matt Asteroid and Will Rees in recent years, perhaps a nod to their shared Welsh roots.

Crafting the Beats

When it comes to creating his signature trance tracks, Nu Spirit draws inspiration from a myriad of music genres. His creative process often begins with crafting a melody, followed by meticulously developing the kick and bass to ensure harmony with the leads. His music, especially tracks like "Eagles Call," is renowned for its emotional breaks, and the strings and pads elevate the listening experience to a whole new level.

Philosophy and Connection

Nu Spirit is not just about producing music; he’s about creating experiences and connecting with his audience. Often found on the dancefloor before or after his sets, he believes in forming a bond with his fans and fellow trance enthusiasts. His advice to emerging artists in the industry is to "make music you love, don’t compare yourself to others, and set both short and long-term goals to stay motivated."

Memorable Moments & Future Endeavors

Nu Spirit recalls playing at M7 in Barcelona as one of his most memorable gigs, where the proximity of the booth to the crowd created an electric atmosphere. Utilizing Ableton Live and Serum in his production, he continues to produce uplifting trance that resonates with his listeners.

Joining a label like Reason II Rise that prioritizes helping artists grow and providing constructive feedback, Nu Spirit is excited about his journey ahead and looks forward to releasing more tracks that captivate and move the trance community.

Artists to Watch

Nu Spirit is not only a creator but also an admirer of talent. He spotlights artists like 0Gravity, Dan Cooper, Arja, and Harshil Kamdar as ones to watch in the trance music scene, appreciating their unique takes and contributions to the genre.

In a world where music serves as an escape and a connector, artists like Nu Spirit continue to weave narratives that transport listeners to different dimensions. His journey from a trance music lover to a creator of evocative tracks is not just about beats and rhythms; it’s about passion, connection, and the continuous pursuit of musical exploration.

Nu Spirit - Rise Of The Phoenix


Available for Streaming & Download on December 15, 2023.


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