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Our mission is to be the driving force in the trance industry, providing a platform that empowers artists to showcase their talent and creativity. We curate diverse and impactful trance music, uniting audiences worldwide through the power of melodies and rhythms that resonate with a purpose. Reason II Rise offers practical resources, mentorship, community driven interactions, and unwavering support to help artists thrive in their careers.

At Reason II Rise Music, we envision a dynamic and authentic trance community where creativity and passion thrive. We aim to the the trailblazer in the industry, leading by example and fostering innovation. Our vision is a future where artists from all trance genres and enthusiasts alike find their home, forging connections that transcends borders and backrounds. Through music with a reason, we strive to inspire positive change, making a tangible impact on artists lives and the trance scene as a whole.

Meet the Team

What sets Reason II Rise apart isn’t just the individual talents of its team members; it’s the extraordinary synergy and collaboration that happens behind the scenes.

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