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Volunteer Opportunity - Applications OPEN

Join Our Team Behind the Scenes at Reason II Rise Music

Are you passionate about the music industry and eager to dive into the world of record labels? We're offering an exciting volunteer opportunity for individuals looking to gain hands-on experience and insight into how things operate behind the scenes.


Under the guidance of one of our experienced team members, you'll have the chance to learn the ropes of the record label industry. Whether you're interested in graphic design, social media management, or artist relations, this position offers a variety of learning opportunities.


We're seeking individuals with a fun, creative, down to earth and energetic attitude with a strong eagerness to learn. Excellent communication and organisational skills are a must, as you'll be liaising with artists, working with schedules and assisting with various tasks. Basic graphic skills is a bonus but not necessary.


Please note that this position is not suitable for producers or DJs as it may present conflicts of interest with their existing roles in the trance music industry. Preferably, candidates in the Australia/Asia part of the world are sought due to time zones with the team member you will be assigned to work along side however it is not a prerequisite.


The opportunity provides knowledge and a learning experience on how a record label is run behind the scenes. You'll be working very closely with a team member who will assign tasks, assist with your learning, and help you grow.


While this role is currently volunteer based, there is potential for the role to evolve into a secured paid position within the label as the label continuous to grow and the candidate demonstrates their skills and commitment. We're seeking individuals who are willing to stick with us for the long term.


This opportunity provides invaluable experience and a chance to kickstart your career in the music industry.

If you're ready to take the first step towards your dream job, we want to hear from you!

Examples of your role with us.

Working closely with an Experienced Team Member:
Collaborating with a seasoned team member to learn about the intricacies of running a record label, assisting with administrative tasks, and gaining insights into industry best practices.


Liaising with Artists on the Label:

Facilitating communication between artists and the label, assisting with collecting interviews, videos and remix packs on the request of a team member.


Artwork Design:
Assisting in the creation of visual assets such as album covers, promotional graphics, and social media content with the use of templates already created. This may involve using CANVA, brainstorming creative concepts, and ensuring that visual elements align with the label's branding and vision.


Assisting the Team with Small Tasks:
Pitching in with various activities such as organising files, maintaining databases, updating social media accounts, and preparing materials for meetings or events. These tasks may vary depending on the needs of the team but are essential for keeping operations running smoothly.


Volunteer with Us
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