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Reason II Rise welcomes Artena as an official R2R Artist

We at Reason II Rise Music are thrilled to announce that Artena has joined our release roster as an official artist. With his deep-rooted passion for music that began in the late 90s, Artena brings a wealth of experience and a unique sound that has captivated audiences worldwide. His journey from playing with music trackers to mastering advanced production tools is a testament to his dedication and talent.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music.

"My first journey into music actually started back in the late 90's playing around with music trackers—I think I may have had 4 or 6 channels! After that, I used all sorts of music-making software from the PlayStation to PC. At this time, my parents saw I took an interest in music and sent me for piano lessons."

Who are your biggest musical influences?

"Oh gosh, I mean, so many influences over the years from SASH! to Alice Deejay and System F through to Guyver and Technikal. But what really set me on my trance journey was the track 'Lift' by Sean Tyas. I had never heard bass lines sound that way before, and I was hooked. Since then, people like Darren Porter, Metta & Glyde, and a whole host of other great producers influence my electronic music. But I also take a lot of influence from classical and cinema score pieces too—Vivaldi, Hans Zimmer, Trevor Horner just to name a few."

What is your creative process like?

"My creative process has evolved over the years, I guess... from being erratic and unorganized to a more methodical and hands-on approach. Once I get into the creative space, ideas tend to come pretty quickly and I run with them."

What is your favorite track that you've produced and why?

"My two favorite tracks are the ones named for my daughters. There's Desert Moon (Harper's Theme) and White Star (Oakley's Theme). They really meant something as I wrote them, and when their dad is old and totally uncool, maybe I can show them that for a brief period, I wasn't so uncool, ha!"

"I just want to connect, create, and inspire. That's it. I want to connect as many people as one that share an experience as they listen to my music—completely individual but also connected. I want to create something that lasts, and I want to inspire other people around me to enjoy what they love, whether that be other producers or anything else." - Artena

What sets your music apart from others in the same genre?

"That's probably one you'd have to ask the people that listen to it, I guess. But I like to think that my music is honest... it's an honest representation of who I am, and I always try and keep the people who listen in mind as I write and create."

How do you handle creative blocks or challenges in the production process?

"Rule no. 1: Don't force it. That's when music can become dishonest, and people can always tell when something is forced. Take a break, do something else that you love to do, or go somewhere that inspires and relaxes you. I go fishing or just do nothing... Those dry patches never last as long as you think they will."

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

"Never ever stop learning. The day I think I know everything and am not open to new ideas or ways of thinking is the day I should stop. You are always learning as a musician, and just because someone else may be moving faster than you think you are doesn't make your journey any less inspiring or important. So keep at it."

What is your favorite venue or festival that you've performed at and why?

"I once played at The Emporium in Leicester for both PASSION & STORM in the same year. That was pretty special as the crowd there is amazing!"

What is your favorite piece of equipment or software that you use in your production process?

"Ooooh, so many... but Reveal Sound SPIRE is up there... the range of sounds and effects you can create is great, and they lend themselves to trance perfectly. But I have recently purchased a hardware synth too, a Roland SH-201. The supersaws on this sound great and fit perfectly into my style!"

What is your favorite sub-genre of trance?

"I honestly love almost all sub-genres of it... from the darker Coldharbour progressive stuff to the Armind stuff and, of course, the 140 Power trance."

What is your favorite DAW to produce music?

"Studio One has been my go-to now for a couple of years. The workflow and ease with which you can create and edit suits my style perfectly. I can't see myself moving for some time, but over the years I have used Apple's Logic Pro, which is a phenomenal DAW, FL Studio, Ableton, and Cubase. All have their strengths and weaknesses, but finding what works for you helps so much!"

What is your favorite plugin for sound design?

"Reveal Sound SPIRE for sure."

Can you give us a tip for the studio?

"I guess your studio could be anything or anywhere these days with technology, but always be somewhere you feel comfortable and the most creative. When it comes to the studio itself, buy the best you can afford and treat your room. When it comes to mixing tracks, the studio environment and how the reflections are processed by your ears really make a difference."


His commitment to producing honest and authentic music aligns perfectly with our ethos at Reason II Rise. We believe in fostering genuine connections between artists and their fans, and Artena's music does just that. His approach to overcoming creative blocks and his relentless pursuit of learning make him an inspiring figure for aspiring musicians.

What do you think makes Reason II Rise Music unique?

"Since its inception, I have always admired Reason II Rise's ethos and its M.O. To be engaging with its artists on a personal basis to help new talent to grow and flourish while bringing some of the best trance to the forefront for its fans. I think it's done that and more, and in the short time it's been on the scene, it's become a staple for listeners and DJs alike. I also think that its showcasing of women in the scene is amazing and not something all labels seem to do."

What are you most excited about releasing your music on Reason II Rise?

"To be honest, just knowing I'll be on a platform with like-minded individuals who create music just for the passion and enjoyment of it is something I'm really excited about."

Who do you think has a big future in trance music?

"Wow, so many, but to name a few... Darren Jones (Mercurial Virus), Rixson, Jason Gray, N-sKing, Casepeat, Andy Newtz, Lee Hanlon. All massively talented and dedicated in their own right. But there are probably 10 or more that I haven't mentioned that could be up there... a lot of exciting talent about right now!"


We eagerly anticipate the incredible music that Artena will create as part of the Reason II Rise family. His passion for connecting, creating, and inspiring mirrors our mission, and we are confident that his contributions will elevate our collective vision. Welcome, Artena—we are excited for the journey ahead!

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