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Vocal Services

Elevate Your Tracks with That Girl's Vocal Magic

Unleash the power of trance with internationally renowned artist "That Girl" now offering her top-tier vocal services!

Take your productions to the next level with:

  • Mesmerizing Toplines: Craft unforgettable melodies that hook listeners from the first note.

  • Euphoric Ad-libs: Inject emotion and energy into your tracks with That Girl's signature touch.

  • And More: Explore the full range of her vocal prowess to truly personalize your sound.

That Girl isn't just a voice; she's a world-class writer with a knack for crafting lyrics that resonate.

Top Line
Top Line

When you purchase a topline written by That Girl, you will receive a demo showcasing how the topline can be used in a song. This demo will include backing music and harmonies for reference purposes only.

Artist Name Usage:

Please note that the artist name "That Girl" cannot be used in connection with toplines purchased through this service. You will receive full creative control over the lyrics and melody, but your final product will require a different artist name.

Songwriting Split:

By purchasing a topline from That Girl, you agree to a 50/50 songwriting split. This means you will share ownership of the written composition (lyrics and melody) with That Girl.

All terms are subject to final approval and negaotions.

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Thanks for applying, we will in be in touch soon!

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