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Ultimate Trance Mega Bundle

R2R Ultimate Trance Mega Bundle:

Level up your Trance productions with the R2R Ultimate Trance Mega Bundle!

This powerhouse bundle equips you with everything you need to create driving, euphoric Trance music. Here's a quick breakdown of what's included:

  • R2R Ultimate Trance DAW Template for Logic Pro (17 Channels):

    • Get started fast with a pre-configured Logic Pro template.

    • Includes pre-treated kick, sub, and percussion busses for a solid foundation.

    • Loaded with samples and presets from the soundbank for effortless sound design.

  • R2R Ultimate Trance Vol 1 - Sample Pack:

    • Add instant energy and emotion with a massive collection of samples:

      • Atmospheres (8) for swirling textures and ethereal pads.

      • Choir Phrases (5) for uplifting vocal touches.

      • Drones and Swells (5) to build tension and drama.

      • Drum Fills (7) for impactful rhythmic punctuations.

      • Kick Samples (11) for a punchy low-end foundation.

      • Percussion Loops (57) to groove with a wide variety of rhythmic options.

      • Snare Builds and FX (10) for dynamic snare buildups and catchy effects.

      • Sweeps & FX (26) to introduce movement and excitement.

      • Textures (23) for adding depth and character.

  • R2R Ultimate Trance Spire Soundbank:

    • Craft the signature sounds of Trance with a premium soundbank for Spire synthesizer:

      • Acids (17) for cutting-edge acid lines.

      • Basses (13) for diverse bass presets that provide low-end weight and definition.

      • Leads (8) for powerful and melodic lead sounds that soar through the mix.

      • Mid Basses (8) for rich and punchy mid bass presets to fill the sonic space.

      • Pads (5) for inspiring pad sounds that create lush and atmospheric backgrounds.

      • Plucks (6) for versatile pluck presets that add rhythmic energy and detail.

Stop searching for individual pieces and start producing! Get the R2R Ultimate Trance Mega Bundle today!

Ultimate Trance Mega Bundle

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