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Pinkque & That Girl - 'Breathe Fire': A Trance Collaboration Ignited By Fate

In the intricate world of music, collaborations often emerge from unexpected encounters, sparking creative harmony between artists. Such was the case for Pinkque and That Girl, whose collaboration on the track "Breathe Fire" which features on Pinkque's newest album 'Beautiful Struggle' evolved from a chance message and a shared passion for storytelling through music.

"It was one of those moments after hearing a sneak peek where it just grabbed me immediately," That Girl reflects on their collaboration. "I even got goosebumps as the intro unfolded. It was the overall tone and feel of the album and the deeper message behind it that I resonated a lot with. I just had to message her."

For Pinkque, receiving That Girl's message was a surreal experience. "Oh, that moment I received a message request from That Girl was funny… basically sh** my pants," Pinkque admits with a laugh. Having just concluded a month-long studio session with Darren Porter in the UK wrapping up her album, Pinkque found herself back in Australia when That Girl's message landed in her inbox. "I was totally fan-girling," Pinkque confesses. "I hadn’t heard of her (as I had been on a 3 year break from the industry) until I stumbled upon her track 'I Wish' on Spotify only months before, which became a track on my repeat list. It was one of those instant connections where her voice and lyrics just clicked with me and I was instantly a fan, but we had never spoken."

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Pinkque was racing against time to include another vocal track on her album after deciding to scrap the original track 13. "It lacked that final touch to bring everything together, I really needed another vocal track" she explains. "The search for the right vocalist was daunting, to say the least."

That Girl's initial message sparked an idea in Pinkque's mind. "It was a 'what if' moment," Pinkque recalls. "The idea of collaborating with her seemed like the missing piece of the puzzle." With a shared vision and a mutual understanding of the emotional depth Pinkque wanted to convey, the collaboration began to take shape. "We dove into the collaboration headfirst," Pinkque recounts. "I shared with her tracks from other genres, not trance, so she could grasp the emotional depth I wanted to convey." That Girl's willingness to explore Pinkque's musical tastes beyond the trance genre struck a chord with Pinkque.

Initially drawn to a somber tone for the track, That Girl suggested infusing it with a glimmer of hope, aligning with her strong liking for adding optimism to her lyrics. "It was an 'ahuh' moment," Pinkque agrees. "Especially considering the album’s overall theme of struggles with depression and resilience to eventual freedom within myself."

Their discussions delved into Pinkque's personal battles with depression, with That Girl absorbing every detail and translating them into lyrics that resonated on a profound level. "She effortlessly weaved these emotions into the fabric of the song, adding layers of meaning and depth," Pinkque explains. "That Girl not only elevated 'Breathe Fire' but also helped to continue steering the album towards a more hopeful outcome, which is where the album (Beautiful Struggle) heads towards at the end."

Reflecting on the collaboration, Pinkque expresses gratitude for That Girl's insight and artistry. "It was an amazing experience to be part of a collab with That Girl," she concludes. "Her contribution breathed fire into the project, ultimately helping shape its final identity in ways I had envisioned for years."

For That Girl, being a part of Pinkque’s album was not just a collaboration but a fulfilment of a long-held dream. “I’ve always wanted to do an all girl collab; it was such an honour for me to be part of her album,” she shares with genuine enthusiasm. This sentiment encapsulates the profound significance of their collaboration, highlighting the empowerment and camaraderie shared among female artists in the music industry. Through their partnership, That Girl found herself not only contributing to Pinkque’s artistic vision but also celebrating the collective strength and creativity of women in music.

The collaboration between Pinkque and That Girl shows the true power of music and the serendipitous connections that can emerge within the industry. As Pinkque's album 'Beautiful Struggle' and the powerful trance music collaboration between Pinkque & That Girl's track 'Breathe Fire' ignites the hearts of listeners, it stands as a reminder to the beauty of collaboration and the magic that unfolds when artists come together to create something truly special.


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