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Logic Pro - Uplifting Trance Template

Uplifting Trance with Reason II Rise - Construction Kit for Logic Pro

This meticulously crafted template delivers all the essentials to get your next trance anthem rolling. Within, you'll find a curated selection of production-ready elements:

  • Kicks & Basslines: Lay down the foundation with powerful kicks, rumbling sub-basses, and acidic grooves to keep the energy pumping.

  • Soaring Plucks & Sequences: Captivating and intricate rhythmic patterns with a variety of plucks and dynamic sequences.

  • Infectious Percussion: Inject infectious energy with a full percussion arsenal, featuring impactful hits and driving crashes that propel your track forward.

  • Euphoric FX: Add depth, dimension, and excitement with a selection of electrifying FX sounds.

  • Logic Pro Stock Plugin Friendly: No external plugins required! This template utilizes the power of Logic Pro's built-in VST’s and effects for seamless integration within your DAW.

  • Automation Headstart: Get a jumpstart on your production with pre-programmed automations to enhance your workflow and provide a foundation for further customization.

Important Note: This is not a complete track, but a comprehensive construction kit designed to ignite your creativity and empower you to craft your own unique Uplifting Trance productions.

Logic Pro - Uplifting Trance Template

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