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The Rise of Reason II Rise: A Team with a Vision

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, it takes a unique blend of talent, passion, and a shared vision to stand out. Reason II Rise, a rising music label and platform, embodies this ethos through a dedicated team led by CEO Darren Porter, a well-known trance producer with 13 years of experience.

But what sets Reason II Rise apart isn’t just the individual talents of its team members; it’s the extraordinary synergy and collaboration that happens behind the scenes. Darren Porter, the driving force behind Reason II Rise, is more than just a successful artist. He’s a visionary who recognized the need to support other talented artists on their journey to success.



Darren Porter is based in the United Kingdom.



Darren not only holds the CEO title but also serves as the A&R (Artists and Repertoire) manager. His vision is to provide constructive criticism to artists whose tracks are sent to Reason II Rise, a far cry from the industry norm of a simple “no.” He works closely with the team to ensure that every artist’s potential is maximized. Darren has a prolific career in the trance music scene, playing at numerous festivals, achieving chart-topping number ones, and captivating audiences with hundreds of club gigs around the world. He also takes the time to mentor other artists. His deep understanding of the music industry from its ins and outs to the intricate nuances, underpin the label’s commitment to fostering emerging talent. Darren’s extensive knowledge of how the industry works benefits the entire team and the artists under Reason II Rise. His insights into the dynamics of the music world are invaluable in steering the label’s vision, allowing the team to navigate the complex terrain with a strong foundation.

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James Wilcock is based in the United Kingdom.


James Wilcock, the team & operations manager, is the detail-oriented overseer who ensures that everything is on target and constantly monitors the stats and growth of the label. His role involves constant collaboration with the rest of the team to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

James boasts a rich background of DJing under the alias ‘James Will’ and a wealth of experience of over 15 years in the corporate industry as a Global Customer Success Manager. His role in the corporate world just shows true of the extensive knowledge in managing large teams and working with all types of companies to create strategic success plans for growth. James underscores the label's efficient operation and his multifaceted skills add an invaluable layer of expertise to Reason II Rise.

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Tim Thomson is based in Scotland.


Tim Thomson, the artist manager, plays a crucial role in making this vision a reality. He ensures contracts are sent out promptly and release schedules are meticulously planned, allowing artists to focus on their creativity while Reason II Rise handles the logistics. Tim's coordination is the backbone of the label's operations.

Tim also known as Sonar Zone, brings his own unique flavor to the team. His live broadcasts of his own show ‘Resonate’ are a testament to his passion for the genre. His love for trance music is not just a profession but a way of life, and it reflects in his dedication to promoting and managing artists at Reason II Rise. In his daily life, Tim coordinates large conferences for companies, a role that brings a exceptional organisational and communication skills to Reason II Rise. His experience of managing corporate conferences seamlessly intergrates his role at the label, enhancing his ability to oversee and manage the intricate aspects of artist coordination and label operations.

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Natasha Brekke is based in Australia.



Natasha Brekke, the artist liaison representative & creative content & marketing manager, is the heart and soul of the team. She liaises with artists, working on back-end projects, and ensures that they are well taken care of. Her creativity extends to crafting engaging content and effective marketing strategies to promote Reason II Rise’s artists and their music. Natasha, who also goes by the alias Pinkque is a producer and DJ with an impressive 13-year journey in the music industry. Her continuous sold-out solo shows in South America & various performances around the world showcase her undeniable talent. Moreover, her experience spans 5 years of organising & running of trance events in Australia, highlighting her commitment to nurturing the trance community in the past. In addition, she has an impressive 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry specifically in the hotel sector. All of this knowledge combined allows Natasha to bring a unique blend of creativity, management and a high level of artist liaison skills to Reason II Rise.

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The central theme that unites the entire Reason II Rise team is the unwavering commitment to assisting artists in their growth and success. It’s not just a part of their mission; it’s the heart of what they do. Every effort, every project, and every decision is geared towards the well-being and advancement of the artists who call Reason II Rise their musical home.




What's truly remarkable is the incredible growth Reason II Rise has experienced in the past few months. The label has seen a staggering 300% increase in its reach and influence, and this achievement is a testament to the extreme team effort and dedication of all four key members, who work together to make the label flourish.


Reason II Rise offers studioGO, an exclusive service where your personal tutor, Darren Porter, offers to visit your home or studio for a day or more. During this visit, Darren will provide professional insights, guidance, and hands-on assistance with various aspects of music production. Hands Every studio is unique, and so is your sound. Our team understand this and tailor their expertise to fit your environment and vision.


Artwork is an integral part of an artist's release, and Reason II Rise recognizes their importance. Starting from December 1, the label will unveil a revamp of pack shots, which are the artist track release photos. These visually captivating images not only represent the artists tracks but also the label's commitment to delivering a music experience.


In 2024, Reason II Rise is preparing to launch a radio show, a move that will further strengthen its presence in the music industry. This radio show is a product of teamwork, and it will also reflect their collaborative spirit by supporting music from other labels that have agreed to licensing terms with Reason II Rise.

Contact us if you’re a label owner and would like to engage in licensing agreements:


Reason II Rise’s brand nights for 2024 promise to be a showcase of talent. These events are a testament to the collective effort of the team, as they celebrate the label’s own artists and feature artists who have signed to Reason II Rise.

Contact us if you would like to host a Reason II Rise brand night:


As Reason II Rise continues to evolve and expand, we are excited to introduce a new opportunity for artists to join our roster and take their careers to the next level. Our upcoming initiative, set to launch in 2024, is artist representation under the Reason II Rise banner. From exclusivity for track signings to access to vocalists, priority bookings for Reason II Rise brand nights and so much more. Being a part of the R2R artist roster opens doors to a wide array of opportunities. Whether it's participating in exclusive events, benefitting from our marketing and promotional efforts, or exploring new avenues in your musical journey, Reason II Rise is committed to supporting your growth and success.


Together, this diverse and talented team has embarked on a mission to create a label that not only delivers exceptional music but also nurtures and uplifts emerging artists. The individual knowledge and experiences of each team member come together in a harmonious symphony of passion, dedication, and a shared vision, propelling Reason II Rise to greater heights in the world of music.

The heart and soul of Reason II Rise lie in the collective efforts of this remarkable team. It's not just a label; it's a family that understands the needs and aspirations of artists, and it's a platform that promises to be a home for talent and a launchpad for success.

Stay tuned for more extraordinary music and creative endeavors from Reason II Rise.


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